Restoration Institute event

The Restoration Institute is pleased to be part of the Restoration 2012: Beyond Borders conference jointly hosted by the  Society for Ecological Restoration BC and NW Chapters, in partnership with the Washington/BC Chapter of the American Fisheries Society, to be held at the University of Victoria, Victoria, BC,  May 14-18.

New Natures Network

The New Natures Network (N3) is a new initiative to advance our understanding of how people come to terms with rapidly changing ecosystems or “new natures”. Our goal is to accelerate understanding of the social dimensions of new natures, and simultaneously to build capacity for policy and practical interventions. The N3 has four primary objectives:

  • Establish a made-in-Canada global partnership of scholars and practitioners keenly concerned with understanding the implications of how people interact with rapidly changing natures.
  • Build capacity in Canada to be the leader in responding to the social and cultural implications of rapid environmental and ecological change.
  • Foster excellence in research to develop a body of knowledge about how people respond to, navigate and engage with new natures.
  • Co-create and disseminate best-available knowledge for practitioners to broaden an understanding of new natures.

Collaboration among the private, public, NGO, and academic sectors will create synergy and momentum resulting in a different kind of knowledge generation—more innovative, integrated and applied—to benefit all communities in a new era of rapid and profound ecological and social change.

Past Institutes

2011 marked the 5th annual summer gathering held by the Restoration Institute. The first four institutes (2007-­‐2010) were run as a week-long summer programme, with a mix of short courses, field trips and symposia. Past themes have focused on ecological restoration issues related to coastal ecosystem management, invasive species, climate change, and species at risk. The 2011 Institute focused on the theme of Novel Ecosystems and included a full-day symposium and a second day of roundtable discussions, a masterclass and field trip.

More information and proceedings from past Restoration Institutes can be found at

Novel Ecosystems Workshop

The Restoration Institute 2011 followed on an international experts workshop held from May 23 to 26 at Poet’s Cove, Pender Island, British Columbia, Canada, which was funded through an ARC Australian Laureate Fellowship to Richard Hobbs, and hosted by the Restoration Institute.

Thirty-five participants from over ten countries met on Pender Island to examine the science, ethical and policy issues around novel ecosystems.

There will be a number of outputs from the workshop, including a book (forthcoming in 2012).

One of the immediate outputs was a Call to Action to communicate key ideas of the workshop and advance the consideration of novel ecosystems within the global policy context: cover note with Call to Action